China Partner Industry Update

China Partner Industry Update

SAF China hosts the ‘Partner Industry Update’

Wednesday November 17th, 2020 

SAF China hosted the ‘Partner Industry Update’ Webinar to SAF sending institution representatives. The webinar highlighted the COVID-19 pandemic and changes to student mobility at SAF host institutions in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States as well as the potential impact on Chinese student and institutions. Zhao Ning, Carol Carmody and Christina Gu co-paneled covering; 

New study models
The panelists explained popular new ‘hybrid’ learning models; In-person and virtual classes are both available to some extent in a hybrid mode, but the percentage of each varies across universities. The spectrum goes from only offering in-person classes for certain disciplines such as arts, labs, nursing, performing and sports, etc. to providing both in-person and virtual options for students but restrict in-person class size (e.g maximum 10 students per in-person classroom).

Virtual programming
SAF’s role as an intermediary means only a careful selection of programs make it into the portfolio. Not every single virtual course is offered, especially those not exhibiting the right fit for the Chinese market. 
The panelists introduced SAF’s orientation and Beyond the Classroom saying “SAF’s virtual programs are not just ‘off-the-shelf’, we have sought constant feedback from our program participants to develop proprietary intercultural exchange extracurricular program, which students from all programs participate in together. This enhances networking, support, and community amongst SAF students. Additionally we are now developing 2021 summer online study tour programs.”

Preparing for the return 
The panelists stressed the large network of universities, centers and educators at SAF and IES’s disposal. “SAF has always worked closely with institutions in the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. SAF is part of IES Abroad, who has a large network of teaching centers across Europe offering courses accredited by either local universities or the University of Rochester in New York.”

The event was co-paneled by Zhao Ning, Carol Carmody and Christina Gu. Zhao Ning is the Executive Director of SAF China. Zhao Ning has been working with IES Abroad for nearly 15 years and at SAF she oversees the Chinese University Relations network. Before joining SAF, Zhao Ning managed the IES Abroad Beijing Center for 11 years. Carol is SAF’s Executive Director and amongst her 30 years of experience she’s accumulated a variety of international education specialties including: US outbound study abroad, international admissions, English language program management and marketing and international student advising. Christina Gu is a Program Specialist. She has attended four of SAF Sending Institutions in her academic career. She holds a B.A. in Business English from Sun Yat-sen in Guangzhou, and a M.A. in International Commerce from Korea University in Seoul. She studied abroad at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul and Pusan National University in Pusan.  

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